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I’m madly trying to get del.icio.us to work and I’ve kind of got it working.  I registered an account and then tried to upgrade my browser (using IE 7 ) and followed the instructions.  Didn’t seem to do anything as no delicious-related stuff has appeared on any toolbars.  Perhaps when I return in June from a conference in Halifax, I’ll switch to Firefox and this might all go a little smoother.  I like the idea, however, of accessing all my links from wherever.  However, maybe I’m not very social by nature, as I prefer to do all this stuff for my own benefit and don’t really see much utility in having access to others’ tags and I’m not nuts about everyone accessing mine.

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  1. You’re not alone when it comes to downloading the delicious add-ons to your IE browser – it probably has something to do with administrative priveleges set up on your computer.

    In terms of privacy, check out the following info that I grabbed from the delicious FAQs section – http://delicious.com/help/faq

    “Bookmarks saved with your buttons are public by default, but imported bookmarks are private by default. If you see a grey block and a lock next to a bookmark, that means it is a private bookmark and only you can see it (there is also a Share link added before the Edit link). Note: if you’re logged out, you won’t be able to see your private bookmarks either.

    To change a private bookmark to public (so that everyone else can see it), click the Share link next to it. To change a public bookmark to private, edit it, check the do not share box, and save it. While saving a new bookmark, you can also check the do not share box to make that bookmark private. ”

    Hope that helps.

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