Twitter & Podcasts

I have previously downloaded podcasts from Itunes and so I’m pretty familiar with that method of content delivery, but Twitter was new to me.  I signed up yesterday (June 22) and added a few celebs, etc. to my “following” list.  It was all very easy and straightforward and I can see that they both offer some limited utility to libraries.

Podcasts are great content delivery mechanisms as they allow the recipient to enjoy them on their own terms.  I like them.  Twitter, I’m not so sure about. 

Twitter is perhaps the best example of a phenomenon which requires decrying: the trivialization of information.  When ALL information is deemed worthy of publication, it demeans it generally.  Why does it matter that Friend A in Edmonton is having a coffee right now?  Or that Friend B in New Brunswick is reading a book?  Isn’t this the ultimate in vanity and voyeurism?  It’s excessive.  The other problem with all “social networking” generated content is that it returns us to a state where scholarship, knowledge, expertise, credentials, etc. etc. (all of which are the very reason for a university’s existence) are no longer important. 

However, while finding Twitter trivial and ultimately quite silly, I can see that it could be put to good use as a device for notifying people about things related to one’s library or their accounts, etc. so it’s not a total waste.

In the end, even though I’ve condemned it I will, in all likelihood, use it and come to like it.  Sigh.

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